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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Abu Qatada released "to walk the streets of Britain"!

Abu Qatada released to relax at home
Abu Qatada is the latest bete noire of the British government and of a vast swathe of the British people. This self-styled Islamic teacher, this bearded cleric, has not be charged with anything in Britain but is generally deemed exceedingly undesirable. We're told he represents a threat to us. Well I slept soundly last night except for being awoken by my wife who thought I was behaving oddly. Flinging my arms around, apparently. She then thought it must have been the shadows. No mention of Abu Qatada.

How can this man be a threat to Britain? He's been locked up for goodness knows how long. Now he's out now under the most restrictive curfew ever imposed. Only an hour out of the house each day. Just time to do the wheelie bins and have a chat with the locals. He is electronically tagged and with that flowing beard, gone grey over it all, highly recognisable as a firebrand and madman. But how is he dangerous? During his hour out is he going to do something evil and wicked?

Nobody has yet said what his crimes are as far as the UK is concerned. He may talk drivel and generally incite people, but the powers-that-be don't see any of this as being of an indictable nature. He can't go to the mosque, distribute leaflets or say boo to a halal goose. This is all about getting him back to Jordan. Now that's fine by me, but don't con us by saying he's a terrorist or a inciter of hatred if you haven't got the proof. Such attitudes could be used against other people.

Peter Bone (what is it with these Bones?) was on the television last night waffling on about it all. Listening to Mr.Bone you might think something terrible was about to happen. It may well do, Mr.Bone, but nothing Abu Qatada might do. It will be us all suffering from kneejerk reactions and badly worded laws.

We must be vigilant against those who wish to control us and our freedoms.


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