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Friday, February 10, 2012

Clive Bone picks a bone with council prayers

Ezekial cried, "Clive Bone, Clive Bone!"
The Christian Faith is under attack from all sides it seems. Judges colluding with atheists to do down the cherished traditions of England. Prayers have been said at council meetings for yonks. But I suppose it was bound to happen. Atheists, secularists and credal-bashing liberal religionists have come together in a heady coalition, sometimes acting in unison, sometimes alone. The latest have-a-go-at-the-Christians character is Clive Bone. He used to be a councillor on Bideford Town Council. Listening to prayers made him wince and whine. So much so that he pumped up the National Secular Society so that they were itching for a judicial fight. Now they've got their way. Mr Justice Ouseley, having listened to the case, ruled the prayers were not lawful under section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972. Oh dear! Out with the Mayor's chaplain and in with whatever.

Now I'm not that exercised if prayers are banned from councils. It may be possible for the local government act to be amended, but I can't see the Coalition rushing to do such a thing. David Cameron is a C of E chap jettisoning beliefs he can't politically agree with and Nick Clegg is, well, an atheist!

The sinister thing here is that Mr Justice Ouseley is a judge that needs watching. He may be prone to listening to test cases from all and sundry. We have it on good Tatchell authority that churches that don't hold blessings for gay couples may be targeted. This week the General Synod is getting geared up for women bishops with full attack powers on traditional parishes. Maybe test cases against priests who maintain the traditional Faith? Who knows? But we live in times where traditional values and beliefs are under threat.

The House of Commons is no use as succour and aide to beleagured Christians. The Church of England has a huge great secular cuckoo sitting in Synod's nest, gradually tossing out doctrines that are disagreeable to the passing fads of the world. It is a difficult time all round.

I doubt very much if Mr.Bone was that disturbed by prayers. He just wanted to stir it a bit and that he has done.


You should at least *try* to get your facts right. It's Clive Bone, not David Bone.

Point taken, but he was down as David Bone on an early BBC report I saw. I see that he is Clive, as you quite rightly say.

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