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Friday, March 16, 2012

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to stand down

Archbishop to leave St.Augustine's chair for a chair at Magdalene College
The Archbishop of Canterbury has decided that the time is right to stand down. Or at least next January that is, when he will take the position of Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University. He will carry on for the rest of this year as Archbishop, which is probably a good thing seeing as there is unfinished business within the church. I have thought his time in office has been quite good. He is obviously a very thoughtful person and is hailed as a clerical intellectual, although I find it hard to see how he can reconcile unilateral alteration of the sacraments as something consistent with the tradition of the Christian Faith.

Whilst there are disagreements within the Anglican Communion, there is much to commend Rowan Williams and his personal sense of integrity. He has done more to unite than to disunite. His successor must be seen as a unifier rather than as a person ready to jettison doctrines in favour of craving wordly approval.

The one thing that I find rather sad is the large number of intemperate, spiteful people that invade the BBC and other websites with their nasty comments. Whatever one thinks of Rowan Williams he is certainly none of the things some people have let pass their brain cells. By all means be forceful in viewpoints but surely downright meanness and hate is not right.


Arden Forester, yours was the fourth website I visited after learning about Rowan Williams retirement. The first, of course, was one run by the Episcopal Church in the United States -- the American branch of the Church of England. The other two were blogs I follow because of my interest in space exploration. I checked them out for reasons entirely unrelated to Rowan Williams retirement. Both made bad, nasty jokes about Williams. These jokes showed more about the people who made them than about Williams.

I am in agreement with you about many things. We both agree that the next Archbishop must be more of a unifier than a divider. I think that person will be.

We will, I at least in my small way, help lead our world in better directions -- and I think Williams' successor will help enormously.

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