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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mass murderer assad and missus find it all so funny

Assad shows his trigger finger as wife smirks sweetly
These two are laughing about how good they are at murdering their own people. Mrs Assad is just like the hideous Mrs Ceau┼čescu, although she has an alluring beauty to hind the venomous hatred. She claims to be the "real dictator" of Syria, in that she not only supports her husband's killing policy but actively promotes it.

When they eventually fall, as fall they will do, it should be the International Court in the Hague that wipes the smiles from their faces, but it will probably end in a grisly finality for them. In the past, such leaders have found their heads on pikes, bowels in the street and other such horrendous fates. Assad and his missus should realise that humanity has a depraved side. Just as they can be depraved so can many of those they persecute. If he was a betting man, he would not get very good odds on a receiving a healthy retirement. The bets are being placed on a more likely outcome of a rather unsavoury ending.


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