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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cardiff City football shirt business - Luvvly Jubbly!

Fans see red as Cardiff ditches blue
I would have thought by now that those keen on football had got the message that football is a business and not a game for fans. In fact fans is an outdated word for them. They are CUSTOMERS! And, as such, get a raw deal mostly.

Unless they become shareholders of their favoured firm, those that watch have diddly squat to do with the governance of the "club". The money men are the ones in charge. They can take a football company to the New York stock exchange or they can run it into administration and oblivion. The customers can only look on or get a chance to say something to a wandering TV reporter.

Money talks. That's why there is no goal line technology yet. Some of the money men think disputed goals make for bigger crowds (especially on Sky TV). It's got nothing much to do with sportsmanship. And money talks in the stuff that gets sold to the customers. Cardiff City FC, owned by two Malaysian investors, is swapping shirts to make more money. The investors want to change the club's colours from blue to red. They say red is a more popular colour in the Orient, where they hope to sell the Welsh dragon as some tarted up Chinese version. Fans are fussed by the change and indeed feel short changed by it all. No doubt this will mean a complete clearout in the shop and online store. So the customers better dig deep into their pockets if they want to stay on the right side of the beast, because I don't see St. George coming to their rescue any day soon.


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