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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A point of view concerning "getting with the programme"

I spied upon this piece from "Let Nothing You Dismay". I cannot really disagree. David Cameron has decided to stir things up a bit. This is the piece -

Most previous Prime Ministers, of all parties, not as obsessed with the 'equality agenda' as the present occupant of 10, Downing Street (and probably having enough political nous, and an awareness of their own lack of expertise in this area, to know when to keep quiet) would have preserved the constitutional niceties and conventions and refused to be drawn at the dispatch box into a row over the internal decisions of the Church of England. It is a truly disturbing development that this Prime Minister (and other politicians who probably last darkened the doors  of a church at their baptism - if then) should not feel so constrained. These are strange times, and those who hold to Christian orthodoxy from all traditions and communions should begin to be very worried indeed about the future.

Christian orthodoxy is in the firing line. Well, he has warned us. Those who don't "get with the programme" are likely to be in for a hard time.


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