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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lower moral standards, eh, Rosie Harper?

Canon Rosie Harper - wedded to respect?
Canon Rosie Harper is vicar of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. She spoke at today's Synod. She said, amongst other things, these two things about women bishops and not getting them.

"Firstly, as a Church for the whole country we will be seen to have failed to do what is right and honourable; a Church with lower moral standards than the rest of society risks its right to comment on other issues. Secondly, it will inevitably be seen as the act of a dying Church more wedded to the past than committed to hope for the future."

Sorry, Rosie, but both show a very sad view of doctrinal issues. Are you saying that the vast numbers of sacramental Christians around the world that do not share your enthusiasm for female prelates are somehow morally inferior to you? Lower moral standards you say.  Is that showing respect?

And how is suggesting that traditional catholic belief is "wedded to the past" going to enhance the idea that we are going to be shown respect? Traditionalists are certainly not living in a time warp thank you very much. We are alive, well and most of us ready to evangelise.

Any chance of saying sorry?


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