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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rotherham foster carers banned for UKIP membership

Joyce Thacker, one of the new army of self-righteous zealots
The zealotry of the politically (in)correct classes, which now permeate our society in its administrative structures, seems to know no bounds. Today we hear of Rotherham Borough Council's actions of Stasi-like proportions in taking children away from a couple because they had membership of the UK Independence Party. The children in question were siblings of what is described by the council as being of a non-White British background. However they appear to be from within Europe somewhere. This clinical, sterile approach to life is highly alarming.

Rather like a recipient of the methods used by the Stasi of East Germany, the couple, by all accounts a caring one with seven years fostering behind them were "reported" to the Social Services Department of Rotherham Council. Then they received a visit from two social workers who accused the couple, by innuendo and invective, of being racists and zenophobes. The zealots branded UKIP as a party that wished to get rid of Europeans from Britain. The wife told the Daily Telegraph, "I was dumbfounded. Then my question to both of them was, 'What has UKIP got to do with having the children removed?' One of them said, 'Well, UKIP have got racist policies.' The implication was that we were racist. The social worker said UKIP does not like European people and wants them all out of the country to be returned to their own countries".

This is not going to be the last of it. Those of us not signed up to THE PROGRAMME or wanting to, will need to be able to fight back. It is outrageous that such people as Joyce Thacker, the head of social services, can act in such a way. And she still holds to what her staff did and said and says she does not regret any of it. Well, lots of us do and we intend to say so. I hope Nigel Farage gives her today a real re-education when he meets Rotherham Council officials.

Britain is fast going back to the same old troubles of the Civil War. In fact, I doubt if anything much has changed over the intervening centuries. David Cameron is a sort of posh Cromwell without the puritan streak. But all the warning signs are there. It was he who labelled UKIP racists and fruitcakes. Any wonder that social workers with a limited grasp of the facts can allow their inner prejudices to take root? Their knowledge of UKIP policies is as poor and depressing as the knowledge MPs have of the women bishops issue. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing indeed.

But Joyce Thacker exposes her own political agenda by describing UKIP's policy on immigration as a "mantra". Does she say that of the three main parties, whose mantra sometimes is despicably dishonest and downright racially selective? No chance. And the thing that really gets me is that she rather spitefully added "the children were not considered to be in any harm". Nice!

We can expect more attacks by zealots of this kind. Those of us with a traditional, caring view on life will have to gird our loins!


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