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Friday, July 29, 2005

IRA Provisionally Ends Campaign!

So the IRA has given notice that they are no longer in an armed struggle for an independent 32-county republican nirvana but will engage in democracy and dialogue. Obviously this is to be welcomed. They probably feel that Sinn Fein has done so well in democratic elections that the Republican/Nationalist vote in Northern Ireland is well and truly in their hands. They also probably feel that with the DUP in control of Unionism their old adversaries in the Ulster Unionist Party have had their wings clipped so much they'll never fly again!

However, the overriding hope for them is that of demographics! They have always hankered after the idea of the Roman Catholic population becoming a majority by birth numbers. They may find it takes some time to win over every one and peace may change the reasons for voting Sinn Fein.

Whatever their reasons, it is certainly a good thing that peace is fairly well guaranteed now. Almost 40 years of bloodshed and misery, fear and mistrust! I hope that they can keep any renegade in line! And they will have to lay off the criminality and smuggling. The Northern Bank Raid being the biggest in British history has yet to be accounted for.

Peace at last!


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