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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noteworthy Blogs!

Just to lighten the content from commenting on Katrina's aftermath and all the oddities of the world, I thought I would post a bit about interesting blogs.

Number 1 is that one from Telford. It's Wonko's World, which will give you all the lowdown on matters English. Wonko, aka Stuart, has another blog called the Insane Ramblings of Wonko the Sane. Both sites are extremely good in digging up information about all kinds of topics. Wonko has a robust way of describing the absurdities of life. Kind of "Anglo-Saxon" in its way! I recommend this as a good read.

Number 2 is that one from Chicago. It's What Happened to Vince? and it is a good diary of events and happenings that Vince is or was involved with. Another recommendation. Interestingly Vince describes himself as a Cafeteria Catholic which implies that he picks out certain things he agrees with from the "set menu" of the Roman Catholic Church, and possibly rejects others. I, on the other hand, agree with most of the Catholic doctrines but am in the Church of England, which has an "a la carte menu" when it comes to conforming to the sacraments! We probably agree on far more than we disagree.

Both are blogs of note! Here are the links, plus Wonko's other sites.




Thanks for the kind comments. Yours is likewise on my list of noteworthy blogs and on my daily reading list.

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