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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rupert Brooke! Where are you?

All over the United States patriotic people fly the Stars and Stripes. It is all part of the fabric of society. From little one-bedroomed houses to the largest mansion. Immigrants as well as the Daughters of the Revolution! It is all so American and shows to the outside world how the people feel.

In England it is considered bad form by the powers that be in Blair's New Labour paradise. Good folk are pilloried for flying the Union Jack. Read this little piece from the BBC Message Boards!

Keith says - "I have recently arrived home, in Leeds, from work to be confronted by two Police Officers, who according to neighbours have been calling back and forth most of the day and at one point sat outside my door for over an hour during which time a number of neighbours were quizzed as to my whereabouts and "what sort of person I am".Many of whom thought that perhaps I had commited some heinous crime.Had I killed a child, robbed the local bank at gun point or held Membership to an International Drug Cartel? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. My "crime"? I have flown the National flag of England on my property for the past two years since we bought this house, and I have been told, in no uncertain terms, that I risk arrest if I continue to do so. It appears that someone who walked past my house over the weekend has reported that she finds seing the National Flag of this Country "uncomfortable" and has surmised that I am clearly a Racist and should be stopped from doing so."

Join the link to read more. Can you imagine that these dozy coppers had time (over an hour) to waste on this? Leeds police should hang their heads in shame!

Anyone reading this in America please note. Blair's Britain is getting worse by the day! He's not as nice as you think!



Actually, the British flag is not being discussed here. It is the English flag.

Actually, there is no reason not to fly the St George's flag. The Union flag is far more a symbol of racism than St George. I know because up until recent years it was almost impossible to buy a cross of St George. This flag is simply scapegoated.

The English flag has returned largely as a response to devolution.

The flag flier should have stood his ground - I'm absolutely convinced the police were in the wrong, both in quizzing the neighbours about the guy (embarrassing) and in telling him to remove the flag.

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