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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bush Blames 'revisionism'

George Bush is now out to blame those he claims are trying to rewrite history. He says too much is at stake in Iraq for politicians to make "false charges" about the reasons for going to war. Well that's a bit rich! He and his cronies were dead set on war with Iraq well before he became president. He decided the "intelligence reports" said there were WMD strewn all over Iraq and Blair got his mate Alastair Campbell to get the press to believe London would be hit within 45 minutes of a weapons launch.

These people have no shame it seems. I am deeply distressed that a fine political party such as the Republican Party has been infected by corporate sleeze (on the look out for oil contracts in a "rebuilt democratic" Iraq), fundamentalism, and a bevvy of bubba boys all seemingly leading the USA to some kind of repeat of the Vietnam saga.

I don't normally feel at home with Democratic thinking. However, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said this week that Americans deserved to "get the truth about why the White House cherry-picked and leaked intelligence to sell the war in Iraq". Very true! At the very best and being fair to the President, he didn't do a good job presenting the case. At worst he peddled lies on a regular basis! Harry Reid went on to say "The president may think this matter can be swept under the rug or pardoned away, but Democrats know America can do better." I think a vast number of Americans, of all shades of opinion, know that America can do better, or put another way, the government that represents them can do better!


The Amnericans rewriting history? Surely not!

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