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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Open Doors! Close Doors! Chinese Puzzle?

George Bush, on his tour of China, is having a good time with doors. He has quite rightly pointed out that China should open the door to freedom more. "As China reforms its economy," said Mr Bush, "its leaders are finding that once the door to freedom is opened even a crack, it cannot be closed. As the people of China grow in prosperity, their demands for political freedom will grow as well." This is obviously true, as the internet, television and all manner of media will help to push this door open. How China deals with it is of paramount importance to us all. The startling fact is that one quarter of the globe is Chinese. Put's the rest of us all in our place really!

As George Bush ends his tour, and having been given a hectic schedule by his "advisors" which included mountain bike riding, he rounds off with the press niggling him, to the extent that he left a press conference tetchily trying to open a door that refused to budge. Joking that he was trying to escape from them, the TV pictures showed a rather humiliated Bush. I do think his entourage should have made it less easy for such a public humiliation to take place. Jay Leno is going to bed tonight all excited. Just wait for Monday night's onslaught of satirical humour!


The Chinese so heavily censor the internet in China that I don't think it can play that big a part in dmocratising the country.

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