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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Standards? New Labour's Watching!

Dewsbury is having a spot of political police enquiries. Inspector New Labour from the local nick is at the bidding of a quango. The thing that bugs me here is that Shahid Malik, a New Labour stooge and MP, has complained to the "Standards Board" about a song from a folk-singing BNP councillor. What in Heaven's name is wrong with democratic debate? I would have thought that Malik, his family having left the ever-so democratic Pakistan, would be a defender of democracy. Instead, the little weasel runs off to Blair's quango to get these apparatchiks into motion.

This quote from the Dewsbury Today paper seems to sum it up!

The chief executive of the standards board has written to Mr Malik confirming the allegations had been passed on to the head of referrals at the SBE and that they were seeking legal opinion. Mr Malik said he would also be passing the lyrics to the police for them to view and consider any response.
The Head of Referrals? What evil-minded zealot is this? The way to confront the BNP is through debate and presenting policies that debunk theirs! Not resorting to the police-state tactics of the New Labour control freaks!

And the BNP is making political capital. What does Malik think he has gained?


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