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Monday, July 02, 2007

Virgin Media being courted by rich suitor

Anyone on cable in Birmingham has had more suppliers than hot dinners, it seems. Just as we've been getting used to the rebrand from Telewest to Virgin, along comes the money bags group, Carlyle, with a takeover bid. Am I bovvered? Well, if they use their coffers to get UKTV up off their backsides to give us proper widescreen TV then the answer is NO. Currently all UKTV programmes come in a 4:3 format with widescreen programmes squeezed into the frame! Apparently it's all down to lack of cash. That should not be the case with Carlyle! (UKTV is partly owned by FlexTech, in turn part of Virgin Media.)

The viewer was just getting some benefits from Virgin Media it seemed. Let's hope the full package is yet to come.


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