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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Chicken didn't come home to roost!

So no autumn election. Doesn't surprise me. However, it makes it all that much easier to get rid of this New Labour lot further down the line. Not that I wish ill on the country, but the economic forecasts are not good.

Brown let it be dripfed into the political arena that he was contemplating an election. Contemplation over. We're not having one. But it was him, Balls and the various whatsits all whispering away as usual. He has made himself look more like a cunning fox than a canny Scot.

Let him sort out the pensions mess, the NHS woes, the political correctness invading the police and other institutions, and admit to the stealth taxes. Then have an election!

Oh, and admit that HIPS has been a disaster for the housing market.


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