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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Billary and Hill Show

Hillary Clinton failed to impress the voters in the first round in the very long election process. Democratic caucus goers put her in third place behind the amiable John Edwards. I'd have loved to have been chatting away on a cold night in downtown Des Moines. I wonder what was said? That only just above 10% turned out. Again the Abstentionists get the better of democracy.

The Republican turnout was about 115,000, up on the 2000 figure of 87,666. For the Democrats it was even higher, with some 239,000 turning out to register their choice, up from 124,000 four years ago. It seems the Democrats have more to lose or gain between the Clinton/Obama/Edwards three-way tussle. However, the Republican race is the most open, even after the Huckabee win. Ron Paul did OK on 10%, well beating the media's favourite Rudi Guiliani, and is still in with a chance, as most serious commentators think Huckabee will stumble in the main-player states.

Onwards and upwards?


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