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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fox News takes a sideswipe at Ron Paul!

Fox News can't help themselves. On this little piece, they "promote" Mitt Romney, who has quite a fancy stage act it has to be said. However, the posts in return show that Romney hasn't captured everyone's heart!

I like this retort from "Bill" -

"I guess Mitt is too dumb to realize that Dr. Ron Paul’s job as a doctor qualifies as a job in the economy, not to mention his 5 years of military service overseas as a flight surgeon. I’d much rather have a man with his unblemished record of supporting and defending the constitutuion than a skummy businessman who made millions off the backs of other people. Mitt Rommney, the best candidate among those who buy their way into the election. Mr Mitt Rommney had to “donate” 17 million dollars of his own money into the campaign just to keep going, while Ron Paul is getting millions of dollars donated to him by good honest Americans."

Whilst Fox News does report the campaign activities of Ron Paul, if in limited doses, the network seems incapable of giving him as fair a hearing as the other contenders.

Mitt Romney's comments in video form -

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Ron should point out to Mitt that investing $17-million to get a job that pays, what, $250,000-a-year, is pretty bad business.

He'd have to be in the job for 68 years just to get his money back!

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