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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Circumcision used as torture to terrorise!

What did St. Paul say? That there is neither Jew nor Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised in Christ. It makes no sense to God nor should it to us as humans.

Now we have a beautiful country in Africa that has broken down almost completely in a matter of weeks. Kenya was put forward as one of the great hopes for the African continent. For trade, commerce, education, tourism, all sorts. Then there was a disputed election and all hell let loose.

What most "Westerners" don't always appreciate is that every African country is an arbitrary piece of land. Most consist of straight lines delineating boundaries made by colonialists with no understanding of the feelings or aspirations of particular tribes. Once these countries gained independence most were governed by a dominant tribe. Kenya appears no different. In good times this doesn't matter much, but it hard times it does. Just like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Pakistan, Burma, China, where minorities have been or are being battered and butchered because they believe in something different or look a bit different.

So Kenya descends into barbarity. The BBC reports on how a town has become divided by circumcision. A local elder says "Sending students who are not circumcised is a recipe for chaos". Well, he might say it in moderate tones, but elsewhere men from the Luo tribe, who do not practice circumcision are being hunted down in order for them to be forcibly mutilated. Shouting such things as, "If we don't kill you, we'll cut your private parts".

No wonder the tourists have fled. Such behaviour is against the dignity of man, it is a form of rape and mental torture, let alone the physical harm it causes.

Let the Kenyan government come together with the opposition to sort things out. Surely they don't want their country pilloried for having satanic torture practices?


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