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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fox News asks - Did Ron Paul Supporters Cross the Line?

Yes, this question was asked by Brit Hume on his Political Grapevine. Sounds like an OK question, which would be worthy of investigation. However, if we dig a bit deeper into it, Mr.Hume offers no answers but repeats unsubstantiated claims.

This is all based on comments made by Jennifer Call, who is the Town Clerk of Sutton, New Hampshire. She makes certain assertions about Ron Paul supporters, which Hume seems happy to repeat. (Watch the video on the link!).

Now my point in raising this is that it is perfectly OK for reporters to report information, but here we have one woman's version of events, which is retold as if ALL Ron Paul supporters are of the same inclination and temperament.

I don't think I am being over sensitive. It seems to me that it is precisely this kind of "fresh picking" that gives Mr. Brit Hume a bad name!


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