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Thursday, February 21, 2008

MP was bugged twice, report says!

So much for declaring it was a one-off! Mr. Sadiq Khan is an MP in the British House of Commons. He represents ALL the people of his constituency of Tooting, as is the customary situation for MPs within the "Westminster model". He went to visit a constituent in prison, who happened also to be an old school friend. Mr. Khan was bugged by the police.

The BBC has found out that senior police officers who ordered the recording of the conversations did not know who Mr Khan was, but junior officers did. Well, what an extraordinary turn of events. Are these top cops saying all Asians look alike, or that they must be suspect in some way, or that they don't cut the mustard as citizens? It never occured to them to ask who was being bugged. And what of the "junior officers"? Did they think it a wheeze to keep quiet about Mr. Khan? TWICE!!

It is a disgrace. So much for diversity training. They arrest a drunken undergraduate for calling a police horse gay, but have not the wit to find out who our parliamentarians are.

And an ex-police intelligence officer at the prison said he faced "sustained pressure" to bug Mr Khan. So somebody knew who he was at senior level. There used to be a time when the phrase "Heads will roll" was said. Not any more!


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