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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mr.Pastry and Mr.Bolton!

So George Bush has won the day and John Bolton has been appointed American Ambassador to the United Nations. All this despite the grumblings and groanings of the senate. It might be a short-lived appointment, though, if those senators decide to revisit the issue!

All the time Mr.Bush has been extolling the virtues of Mr.Bolton I couldn't help thinking that I had seen this guy somewhere before. Yes, I got it! He looked the very image of Richard Hearn's character Mr.Pastry. From what has be written and told about Mr.Bolton, he would appear quite a tough cookie. Not one that would come naturally as a slapstick comedian!

George Bush appeared today with Mr.Bolton, grinning like the cat that got the cream! No pantomine this, but it would have been nice if the journalists had shouted "He's behind you!" "Where" goes Bush. "Behind you!" If only. Would have brought back childhood memories of Mr.Pastry - truly!


Who better to send to the corrupt (at worst) and ineffectual (at best) UN? Perhaps he won't roll over and play dead every time the UN tries to put the blame (or touch) on the US, like the suck-ups they have sent in the past.

Unilateral appointments ... is this part of the global democratizationalizimation that George Bush is trying to bring to the savages?

I have been following the debate on the effects of 7/7 and thought that this clip forwarded to me by my friend might interest you in responce to your previous posts.

http://www.aquability.org/YES/ ye...es_clip1_lo.mov

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