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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ed Balls in Nazi uniform shocker!

We all knew New Labour was sleazy. Perhaps their constant denigration of the Tories in 1997 was just a ruse to hide their own propensity for hypocrisy, petty sniping and financial greed through subterfuge. A long time ago, some wag said that the downfall of the Tories was sex and the downfall of Labour was money. The Liberals weren't mentioned, but history tells us it was both and some more!!

So Ed Balls, student boozer and amateur sexist, has some history that the Daily Mail has unearthed. I don't condemn him for student nonsense. We've all been there. What I do condemn is his new-found prissy politics which tends to condemn others, especially the Tories, when he, and his prissy wife, suggest that they alone have the moral high ground. The more this government is in power, the more it appears to be a moral low bog.


Mmmm - seen this on a number of blogs today ... and I am still waiting for the moral outrage on them that was generated when Prince Harry did the same thing!

"I don't condemn him for student nonsense" ... did you offer Harry the same understanding then?

I am just interested, you understand ... like you I can't stand hypocrisy

Michele, your comment is interesting. Moral outrage might be a bit strong.

I would say the two cases are the same. I think it rather silly to dress up in Nazi uniform in order to show off. It is not funny and can be very hurtful. Neither seemed to be bothered if Jewish people were in their presence. However, people do grow up and hopefully they can put it all behind them, whilst taking note of what people think.

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