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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hazel Blears armed with shears?

Hazel Blears has been talking a lot to Dominic Lawson. He's very good at listening. And then writing down all he's heard! Hazel is spot on at talking. She's like a human canary that just loves to sing. However, a lot of what she says is just waffle that is very easy to agree with but very easy to feel baffled about.

She says, "I personally am one of the few cabinet ministers who come from a very working-class background – a traditional Salford two-up, two-down terrace house. Mum and Dad left school at 14; and I know that the old stateist system didn't work for the people I come from." So New Labour does? She doesn't seem bothered about an alternative to the stateist system, but I agree it doesn't work.

She says, of David Cameron, "Some of the polling I've seen recently says that Cameron is likeable, and that's the most often-used word about him – but also inexperienced." She implies that inexperience is not a good thing, but Blair was inexperienced. How does she think she got her experience?

Dominic Lawson says that "Hazel Blears is one of those rare politicians who find it almost physically impossible to dissemble. Perhaps this is why she is able to remain so cheerful at such a difficult time: unlike some of her colleagues she is not burdened by the constant strain of denial. Telling it like it is makes life so much easier." She does tell it, but I'm not so sure it is like it is but her perception of it. Also, by just telling us stuff wihout giving us any idea of what could be possible politically, we have a rare bird indeed!


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