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Monday, October 06, 2008

Palin warming to the idea of God's global plan!

Sarah Palin is a bit like the curate's egg. Good in parts. She comes across as gutsy, folksy and someone with determination. But somehow the transcripts of her spoken voice leave something to be desired.

I get the impression she's latched onto the "It's all Nature's effects" viewpoint, because it suits her political stance over oil exploration in Alaska. However, she leaves room for suggesting it's partly man-made. I go along with that. It does seem more than likely that it is a mixture of natural change coming together with man-made effects of pollution and industrial wastage.

Where she doesn't do herself any favours, is when she suggests that nothing should be done except to accept that things and people should adapt to these changes without the necessary self-controls. I think she'd rather drill for oil than reduce emissions.

That leads on to suggest that McCain and Palin are not singing from the same hymn-sheet. More here.


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