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Friday, November 14, 2008

Meddling or motivating?

Prince Charles had a good line. He prefers to say he motivates rather than meddles. The same can't be said of the Prime Minister. In fact, the reverse could be true.

He meddled in the economy. Sir John Major is right to be peeved about that. Now he is meddling as PM. He has some odd thinking at the moment. I assume his "spokesmen" know what's what.

In this tragic Baby P case, Gordon Brown and his Children's minister, the rabbit-in-the-headlights-of-a-car impressionist, otherwise known as Ed Balls, are engaged in all kinds of convoluting sentences to describe what they are doing or not doing. Enquiries are going on they say.

Now the Tories unearth a whistleblower who tried to warn the government six months before Baby P's death in August 2007. A Downing street spokesman said the correct procedures had been followed. Is this about the whistleblower or the whole of Haringey Social Services.

A baby being constantly battered and bruised is not exactly something that anyone would or should ignore. If a minister was told of this, it beggars belief that nobody thought fit to raise a finger to use the phone or right a letter!

Certainly no motivation. Meddling? Doesn't seem they did anything, so if "the correct procedures had been followed" what does it say of the procedures? Gordon Brown needs to "meddle" in things that are going wrong and keep out of things that are going right.


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