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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Police State Britain!

Undoubtedly, all New Labour ministers are either dissemblers of the truth or inept managers of prevailing issues. Some are both. It doesn't surprise anyone outside this rather self-serving band of irritatingly provocative busybodies, that an MP got arrested. Not only is it an affront to democracy, it is an affront to all of us as constituents.

Ron Paul got my support because he had the guts to stand up and expose the crass nonsense being peddled by Bush and his cronies. David Davies was right to stand up to New Labour's posturing on 42 days detention. Wherever and whenever governments seek to trample on the democratic rights of the people, we should resist them.

So it is no surprise to me that the ineffectual Jacqui Smith knew nothing about Damian Green's arrest. Of course, her mandarin at the Home Office was off doing his own thing. Sir David Normington should answer now to the people. Is he a cunning political operator? Is he out to subvert Parliament? Is he just paving the way to allow a smooth run for the gravy train? His actions, by giving the police time to raid the inner sanctums of Parliament during a recess, need to be answered. I hope there is a public enquiry, so that these democracy ursurpers can be questioned at length, possibly for more than nine hours apiece.

It is outrageous that this raid happened! Every opposition in a democratic society must hold the government of the day to account. The New Labour Stasi Machine thinks differently. They have no love of parliamentary democracy. They are mainly apparatchiks. So we, the people, suffer in the long run.

We are allowed our freedom to speak so long as it does not interfere with their running of democracy as they see it. Sounds a bit like what Mugabe told Morgan Tsvangerai. "You can sound off if you like, but you don't get any democratic control!".

Damian Green was fingerprinted, had his DNA taken, and thrown into jail. The police took a certain delight in the raid. Am I imagining it or are some officers pleased by being New Labour's poodle power? One officer told those present, as he plodded around Mr. Green's office, "You are at the site of a crime scene".

Sorry, chum, but the real crime scene here is the sight of our disreputable Prime Minister gulping in air as he feigns memory loss!


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