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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Human Foreskins are Big Business for Cosmetics

I knew the cosmetic industry had a few skeletons in its cupboards, but this one really gets me angry. Whilst President Obama tries to get his health care reforms through Congress, the medical establishment is still racketeering. Two totally unnecessary surgical procedures are routinely carried out - circumcisions and hysterectomies - so that doctors can pocket extra dollars. Now I find there is a bizarre trade going on - a multi-million dollar rip-off!

Newborn male babies are genitally mutilated by eager surgeons who use the harvested foreskins to sell to eager cosmetic companies. Until just now I had no idea that this trade was going on. Not only is it bizarre, but it is quite evil. To decide in a blatant manner that a newborn should treated as a potential dollar earner is disgusting. Only in America? Probably not. But I hope Obama puts a stop to this racket.

SkinMedica is one company that has used so-called foreskin fibroblasts in their cosmetics. I wonder if the women who purchase these creams and potions know what they are smearing on their faces? It's amazing!

I read this article (which is now over 2 years old) and it is very illuminating. Here's another article from The East African, just last week.

Babies deserve better. At the most defenceless stage of life, some are just seen as money makers - for greedy adults.


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