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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie!" taunt backfires against Congressman Wilson

Representative Joe Wilson has just experienced that defining moment in politics. One significant second when it all goes pear-shaped. Ted Kennedy had it at Chappaquiddick. Michael Heseltine had it when he unfortunately had a heart attack and looked weak and frail on TV pictures. Kennedy's was much of his own making, Heseltine's was not.

Joe Wilson is feverishly against Obama's health care reforms. One wonders why? He no doubt has his reasons. America is a nation divided. The haves and the have nots. When President Obama made his speech, Wilson shouted "You lie!" and pointed his finger at the Commander-in-Chief. This was over the statement that illegal immigrants would not be covered under the plans. Wilson thought the President would grant citizenship to the illegals thereby giving them coverage. I know it's easy to shout out when politically riled. I've done it myself. But there is a time and place for heckling and hecklers should know that it works both ways. You either get people onside and back your point or you get booed off stage. Wilson is getting the booing treatment.

I would have hoped that the 21st Century would have put paid to politicians who are working for themselves and their cronies rather than the people. Wilson's challenger in his district is Democrat Rob Miller. Miller raised $100,000 overnight from 3,000 individual donors after Wilson's dig at President Obama during his address to Congress on Wednesday night.

That shows some indignation. Even an apology is not enough, it seems. Wilson is learning the lesson that politics is a fragile business. A bit like butterflies in the summer sun. A sudden squall knocks them down and they are left fluttering on the ground.

PS. This is interesting too I think! "Joe Wilson: Healthcare Hypocrite"


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