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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Labour fright regime carries on the vetting

New Labour is a preposterous outfit. All keen to vet everyone and anyone except their wretched selves. It is perfectly OK to have morally questionable ministers in the government, but woe betide a decent citizen wanting to help other peoples' children.

The Great Nosepoker Balls is so keen to vet every person in the land that he has come up with a new category of potential paedophilic monsters. These are the exchange student parents. "Don't worry Pierre! Daddy is very nice and has been completely checked over by Mr. Balls". What on earth is Pierre and all the other young students to make of it.

Balls keeps up the mantra of wanting to safeguard children. Instead he is like a carcrash heading towards a time when every parent will be devoid of any desire to pass on experience of their life for fear of being "labelled". It will be a society without love and compassion. Each will have been vetted, each will be recorded, to little or no avail. None of this actually stops paedophilia. It all runs on a one strike and you're out routine. Each time a paedophile is convicted, the police remark, "He was under the radar, you know!" as if to confirm what a ridiculous situation it all is.

Paeodophilia is a matter that needs addressing. New Labour is clueless on the subject. One day I suppose a scientist will explain whether it is a mental condition, a pyscho-sexual condition or just something that prison will fix. At the moment the latter appears the favoured option, although I think a few in authority think otherwise. Their fears lie in the fact that if paedophilia was unravelled, then other sexual proclivities could also be. Now that would be something.

No man wants to be a primary school teacher it seems. I certainly wouldn't if I were younger. It's bad enough in Sunday School. The vetting issue creeps over us like a frightful character from George Orwell's 1984. In fact, Ed Balls and his parrot chatting wife would make a good 1984 couple.

Balls better open a few more lunatic asylums. By the time the vetting of the whole country is over we will all be nervous wrecks.


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