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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Baroness and The Clown

Much has been said in today's papers about Baroness Ashton of Upholland and the Belgian Prime Minister, Herman Van Rompuy. I tend to agree with lots about the undemocratic nature of the EU decision-making process. In 48 hours as much has been written about them as in the last 48 years!

Baroness Ashton is keen on the Daleks of Doctor Who fame. So much so that she has a full-sized one at home. Mr Van Rompuy has been likened by his sister, a rival politician, to a clown. Perhaps the Dalek may have ways of exterminating the EU or maybe loads of clowns can descend on the Commission to out gag the new clown!

Either way, Daleks or Clowns - it's still an organisation that likes to exterminate democratic choice and make clowns out of us all. For example, what organisation in the world that purports to be for the people can hide their financial activity behind years of unaudited accounts?


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