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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gay days in the African bush

"There will come a time when they who kill you think they do God's Will". Sometimes this is killing the heart, sometimes its killing the body. It never results in killing the soul. How we lead our lives is complex indeed. The traditional Christian teaching on matters sexual is that sexual activity takes place within the Sacrament of Matrimony. The complementary state is Celibacy. These two are the ways of being for Christians. However, this is the goal. It is certainly not the right of Christians to impose it on others should they wish to live by other standards or norms.

In Uganda there is proposed legislation which would introduce the death penalty for certain consensual homosexual acts. In itself it is bad enough. This is more than just two wrongs not making a right. It is a devilish attitude of moral superiority. I doubt if any of the legislators in Uganda have the capability to stand in downtown Kampala regailing the crowds with their saintly histories.

One can be against the concept of a homosexual lifestyle as being part of the Christian Faith, but the Christian Faith is surely against substituting God's Judgement for the transient moral judgements of those who cannot say they are without sin. The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement says that “A deafening silence comes from the Anglican Church in Britain towards the proposed draconian private members Bill currently before the Ugandan Parliament regarding homosexuality”. That shouldn't surprise them. Deafening silences are ways to let the matter rest through sheer boredom. The same could be said of several other issues facing the C of E.

"Let all grow until the harvest". The trouble is too many people want to do unnecessary weeding beforehand.


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