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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gordon Brown hacked off with hackers

Gordon Brown may not have been the best prime minister, but he did get to be in that office. Whatever one may think of the leadership of the country, it is no excuse to try to listen in on phone conversations. I have no clue what the News of the World got up to when trying to get stories. We do know someone went to jail for phonehacking. We do know that many famous people are rightly concerned that their phones may have been hacked into. We do know that Andy Coulson has resigned because he can't give 110% to the job. What we don't know and should is if there has been anything going on greater than that already prosecuted. The Metropolitan Police seem to have put this matter on a back burner.

Newspapers should investigate wrongdoing, report on all manner of issues and allow the publication of comment and opinion. It's called a free press. What they can't do is listen into private conversations in order to inflame passions in others. Do I want to know what goes on in a famous person's bedroom? I do not! However, should I know whether a policeman on duty is cavorting with a politician's wife whilst ostensibly protecting that polician from harm? Yes, because it tells me whether a lack of integrity exists where integrity should exist.

Why Scotland Yard is so cavalier about all this I do not know. But they should start turning over a few stones to see what crawls out from under. Something is going on and if it is not all sorted out soon, it will fester causing unnecessary trouble all round.


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