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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

News Of The World in new phone hacking scandal

The BBC is reporting that The News of the World has suspended its news editor Ian Edmondson over allegations of phone-hacking at the paper in 2005-06. As this rag knows only too well, if you dig deep enough you'll find out where the real secrets are hidden.

Murdoch's red tops are a sorry excuse for journalism. This latest piece of news may be the tip of the iceberg or just an ice cube in the sea. It relates to allegations made by actress Sienna Miller that her phone was hacked. I hope she carries on because it is very much more than a whiff that the NOTW has not behaved impeccably. I suppose it's too much to expect impeccable behaviour in this quarter. But this story won't go away. Simply because most of us don't believe a word they say when they deny they knew about phonehacking.


I have been hearing this story online and some article about it in the newspaper, and I think what the news of the world is doing is out of order and this purely harrasment. I heard that she went to the police about this enquiry and they didn't do fuck all about it, which doesn't surprise me really. Because I know for a fact the british corrupted law enforcement in this country they using most of the BT UK engineers to monitor people phones all round the united kingdom especially based on people who crimes are petty or to catch people who are illegal imigrant and heard they being doing this operation for years. Instead of these fucking police and survillance monitor people who can put people lives at risk instead of petty crime, but no they waste government money and practice corruption by choosing to monitor the wrong type of people and there phones who is no threat to society. It really goes too shows you what Great Britain is coming too, and shows us the public the kind of corruption in the law in the UK we are as a society are abiding by. If you ask me Sienna is not only the Media you have to watch who can tape your conversation on your phone, you also have to watch UK Law enforcement too, because believe me they also doing exactly the same thing too just like the media and they also doing it undercover...Just listen to my wise advice just be very careful what you and Jude say on the phone, and if you and him got anything personal to say to friends and family you speak to them confidential face to face... Because you just can't trust telecommunication nowadays especially when it comes to private and personal conversation.

By Irresistable Girl

Normally I don't approve of expletives on my blog but you put this comment in such a direct way I thought it should stand. There's talk currently of politically correcting the works of such luminaries as Mark Twain. Just as an anodine version of his works would be very far from what was originally meant, any editing of your comment would detract from its meaning.

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