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Sunday, January 16, 2011

We believed Kraft, say Cadbury workers - who wouldn't!

Krafty Kraft. They lied through gritted teeth. Having promised to keep open the Somerdale plant, near Bristol, they up sticks for Poland. Amoree Radford, who campaigned to keep Somerdale open, said she had no reason to think Kraft would go back on its pledge. "I believed them and the employees believed them," she said. "The plant is very productive, it is very profitable. Kraft said they wanted to expand it and wanted to be environmentally-friendly. So of course we believed them - who wouldn't?"

But as soon as the takeover was complete, Kraft said plans for a move of manufacturing to Poland were too advanced and the Somerdale plant was doomed.

Isn't it marvellous how so many corporate business types think they can tell lies, run rings round people and just imagine the world carries on in sublime disregard? So now we get Polish chocolate done up as Cadbury's with an American twang in the promotion. Not exactly a traditional confectionery item anymore.

Cadbury Polska gets a nice little handout from the Polish government. Level playing field? Not really, but then British jobs for British workers is a con regardless of who's saying it - Brown or Griffin!


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