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Monday, April 11, 2011

BNP charge of Koran burning dropped - but not forgotten

Book Burning Bonfire
A British National Party election candidate accused of publicly burning a copy of the Koran has been freed after the charge against him was unexpectedly dropped. Sion Owens, 41, of Bonymaen, Swansea, South Wales, was arrested and charged at the weekend under Section 29 of the Public Order Act. So reports the North Wales Weekly News. This was apparently due to a technicality rather than a change of heart.

Bryn Hurford, prosecutor in the case, said police inquiries into the alleged incident would continue and a new file of evidence would be collected and passed to the Crown Prosecution Service for review and advice. He added, "I want the defendant and his legal representatives to be in no doubt that the withdrawal of the charge does not mean that no proceedings will be taken. Almost certainly other proceedings will ensue."

In other words, "We'll get you, you bugger, in any event!" Doesn't this lend credence to the belief it's all politically motivated? Mr.Hurford adds his name to a long list of those interfering in the democratic process. Sad day all round. Sion Owens will be on the ballot paper. It's up to the voters of Wales to declare their opinions, not for Mr.Hurford to concoct a case.

And the Observer doesn't come out of this smelling of roses either!


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