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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nigel Farage plane crash - Death threat pilot guilty

All smiles before the death threats came!
Bizarre is the only thing to say about this case. On election day last year, as Nigel Farage campaigned to rid Buckingham of the delights of Squeaker Bercow, the light aircraft carrying the UKIP ex-leader, as he was then, crashed causing Farage uncomfortable injuries. Justin Adams, the pilot has been found guilty by a jury at Oxford Crown Court of five counts of making threats to kill relating to Mr Farage and Civil Aviation Authority crash investigator Martin James. His beef apparently was that he had to remain silent and that Nigel Farage was able to speak and it was this that caused Adams' irrational fury. Adams felt that Nigel Farage profited from speaking out. Can't think how. He didn't win the seat and he suffered pain.

I'm sure Mr.Farage was concerned by the threats, but he must have pondered the thought that he actually went up in the air with a nutter. And all Mr.James was doing was his job. Bizarre!


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