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Monday, May 16, 2011

Is Chris Huhne speeding to disaster?

Chris Huhne in Chicken Run riddle
Chris Huhne is an ambitious man. He has put his ambition to good use. He set up his own business, he succesfully launched a political career, has become a cabinet minister and would like to be leader of his party and who knows what else. I detect he is a clever man, but not necessarily a nice man. I've never met him but that's the impression I get. I've met nice politicians, affable ones, self-opinionated ones and quite nasty ones. Thankfully the latter is a tiny minority. All politicians, if they are successful in getting high up the ladder, have to endure being talked about. Mostly it is by the public and the political chattering classes. They can handle that. But a wife who feels wronged and betrayed? That's potential dynamite.

Entering the fray is his estranged wife Vicki Pryce, herself a political animal. She claims that her husband asked her take his penalty points for a 2003 speeding offence. He strenuously denies it. As with all such tiffs, one of them is wrong. She's miffed about his adultery. Quite understandable. But would she say things to hurt him like this? He's said some trenchant things about the Tories of late? But would they say things to hurt him like this? It all becomes quite mystifying.

I know the asking of someone else to take penalty points is not unusual. Some even talk openly about it. Usually it's the willing wife, but sometimes it's the put upon parent, child or business partner. It's illegal, of course, but quite a few drivers have a tendency to think they are above the law, or the motoring laws in particular.

If Mrs Huhne did do this for her husband, then it is tantamount to her being a perjurer. If Mr. Huhne did it he is in the firing line for a charge of perverting the course of justice. High stakes for both of them. Bit like poker in Las Vegas. Mr Huhne's future could hang on whether Essex Police, who have assigned a senior detective to look into the allegations, decide to launch a full criminal investigation. Will they or won't they? I'd say they will, because not to might look like they were covering up. Anyway, it can't be that difficult to find out what went on. Dates, drivers and penalty points can easily be matched up.

The name Huhne is German in origin and means "live chicken" as opposed to a cooked one. Could be Chris Huhne will find out soon enough if his chickens are coming home to roost or he has cooked them good and proper! And there was I thinking the Coalition wouldn't have any skeletons in the cupboard!


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