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Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden - Wanted Dead or Alive! Well, it's dead now

Killed in a compound not a cave!
So Osama Bin Laden is finally cornered and killed. Not in the Afghan hills. Not in the sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia. Not even in a cave in the Caucasus Mountains. No, he was found in PAKISTAN!! Right under the noses of those dozy "democrats" that the Americans trusted all these years. 35 miles away from Islamabad in a fortified compound enjoying some status as a recluse and a reject.

You'd think in a country as garrulous as Pakistan that somebody would have talked. In fact, it is unbelievable that the country's bigwigs did not know. Right now the president and prime minister are huddled together concocting some get-out clauses to put in a statement. Thank goodness the US authorities saw fit not to tell the Pakistanis what was going on. Pakistan has been a loose cannon ever since it was created. Anyway, they now know the world knows they can't be trusted. Since 2005 Bin Laden has been stuck in this compound, sipping mint tea and talking turkey with passing vagrants. Obviously somebody spoke up in order for the special forces to do the ultimate deed. But it's all grapevine stuff in order to put a stop to the wild goose chase that Bin Laden started. Don't ask the Pakistani president on a duck shoot. He'd fire off at the first flutter he saw.

With Bin Laden at rest, if not at peace, the world can move on. Hopefully the al-Queda franchise can go bust. Let them fade away. Today is a good day for President Obama. He stuck to the hunt for Bin Laden without fanfare and futile gestures. And he was not afraid to do the right thing. Sticking to diplomatic niceties would have been crazy. He ordered the raid and he got a result.

Osama Bin Laden killed. The White House releases information that public enemy number one is killed.


he has been dead years

no he hasnt. all that stuff is stupid. i honestly believe hes still alive. but ill trust my government

he died today so thewir you go

... i saw him driving an ice cream truck in my neighborhood just yesterday ....

he disguised himself as a mexican!

its so stupid to kill him cuz now his ppl are gonna attack us for killing him!! geeze

osama dead will be more dangerous than osama alive

I'm more afraid of Obama than Osama

bin laden is a queir and is not dead but well fucked up haha lol hes in me attic being bumbed by a black man

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