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Monday, March 05, 2012

Norman St.John-Stevas - Lord St John of Fawsley - dies aged 82

Politician and Pope Enthusiast
The old guard are dying off now. Another of the stalwarts of Margaret Thatcher's years has died. Norman St.John-Stevas was a colourful character who probably got his cabinet post through charm and eloquence more than his practical policies. I thought he was a good kind of Tory. My kind of Tory in fact. I don't know what his views were on the Coalition of David Cameron, as I haven't heard about him in a while. When I was a Young Conservative (oh yes!) he was up there as a mover and shaker. A Roman Catholic and a bon viveur. He used to appear on chat shows in the Sixties, but had to give up the lighter side when the serious stuff beckoned. He once said, "There's a disc jockey on Radio Caroline called Norman St.John. It's not me, you know!". Funnily that, because one pirate disc jockey called Roger Gale did become a Conservative MP.

All round a good egg was Norman. Sad to hear of his death but joyous in the hope that he will be utterly enthralled by his new life.


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