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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Russell Crowe gets the circumcisers riled

Russell Crowe tweeted that he thought circumcision was barbaric. Then he tweeted some more. It all ended up with tweets going back and forth with it resulting in him being branded an anti-semite. Now in the "you can't say boo to a goose" department, you could be accused of being anti-anything if you express an opinion on a controversial matter. Now he has had to apologise for saying "barbaric and stupid" in this context.

Circumcision is controversial. Most of the world is not bothered by it, but to Jews and Muslims it's part of religious practice and for many American doctors it's what makes the difference to the vacation choices (more dollar income!).

My position is perfectly clear. It's totally unnecessary and contrary to reasoned medical science. However, if adults want to do it, fine by me. It's when it is imposed on children that the issue becomes contentious. Jews have a belief about it and I would not think it appropriate to gainsay that except to say that Christianity has baptism instead. However, for American parents without any doctrinal issues, this is purely their own desire. Little boys born with foreskins are not ill, not impaired in any way or likely to be physically harmed unless there is a medical condition present. Then it is obviously correct for doctors to attempt to correct the problem. Healthy children need no surgery.

Crowe stated that circumcision can be dangerous. It can be. This little boy is dead because doctors botched things when he was circumcised. A one-week-old Ontario infant died from complications after undergoing a circumcision in a provincial hospital. And in Africa it happens quite frequently.

Russell Crowe has been lambasted but one wonders why. Surely if the males of this world are all born like this there is a purpose for it? Or are some mightier than the Almighty?


For some reason, I was not circumcised at birth. I am still not circumcised. When I grew up and learned of the practice I wondered why. It didn't seem to make any sense. Being uncircumcised does not seem to have affected my life. Then again, I am different from most Americans in some unusual ways. Sometimes people do not care for my independent thoughts and ways.

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