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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eric Daniels busy doing nothing on £100,000 a month!

I need new shoes too!
Eric Daniels used to be the chief bottlewasher at Lloyds Banking Group but then got sidelined or sideswiped or whatever. Anyway, he went as boss. Now the ghastly thing is he's still getting one hundred thousand pounds a month to do sweet F A! Well, sit back and smile for the Daily Mail photographer more accurately. He doesn't seem to mind. He may not be quite in the Fred the Shred league, but he made his errors of judgement alright.

I don't decry people getting paid well for doing well, but Daniels seems to relish the thought of getting hefty sums for cheesy grins. Perhaps Angela Knight of the British Bankers' Association, no shrinking violet her, could give him one of her waspish routines. We need something to wipe the smile from his face!


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