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Monday, June 27, 2005

Richard Whiteley

Sometimes one watches the TV news and then a piece comes at the end. This was one such night, Sunday 26th June. "And, we've just received the news that TV presenter Richard Whiteley has died......" and the rest goes into oblivion as the brain thinks "What..not Richard Whiteley!" Then there is a rush of memories, the character of the person comes quickly to mind, "well, I knew he was in hospital", and a host of other feelings of sadness and pleasure competing together, almost at once it seems.

Richard Whiteley appeared to most people as a truly good man. He made viewers of Countdown feel they were watching a programme of happy people. He made the nervous contestant relax, by showing that he was not a pompous personality but an amusing, warm man.

As the tributes flood in to radio and TV stations, the descriptions "without guile", "self-deprecating" and "could walk with kings as well as having the common touch" are some of those that have been used.

We are all individuals in this world with our own unique personality and heart and soul. Richard Whiteley will be remembered as having displayed his personality with his heart and soul. A true Yorkshireman and a truly lovely man.



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