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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Turbulent Priests?

The Episcopal Church in the USA is at it again! Another Bishop is asserting his new liberal ascendancy views on a priest that does not find favour with the changed doctrines. The Episcopal Church, the American part of the Anglican Communion, has jumped through several hoops in recent times to come up with a revised set of beliefs and an altered understanding of the sacraments. Those that are unable to accept these novelties are chased down until they eventually leave.

All this is a far cry from the position in the Anglican Communion of "two integrities" and "impaired communion". This was put forward as a way of accommodating difference of belief whilst trying to stay together in love and fellowship.

The Right Reverend Edwin M Leidel, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan, is scrambling to explain his controversial deposition of a priest. The priest in question is Father Eugene Geromel (pictured here). Since the 1990’s, Father Geromel and his congregation, Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Swartz Creek, have been very vocal in their protest against Bishop Leidel’s endorsement of same-sex marriages within his diocese even though same-sex marriages are not permitted by the Canons of the Episcopal Church USA. The parish of Saint Bartholomew’s has argued that Bishop Leidel has abandoned the clear meaning of Holy Scripture in this matter of moral behaviour.

The Bishop has now defrocked the priest! So much for Christian charity! The Episcopal Church is fast resembling the Synagogue of the Libertines, which caused Stephen, the first martyr, much trouble! It is a bit rich for the Bishop to denounce a priest when he himself traduces the Church's own canons!

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