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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Brummie for the Vatican?

St.Peter's at dawn
Damian Thompson is a bit miffed because a catholic is not being sent to the Holy See. He has had his heart set on Ann Widdecombe going there, or David Alton. It's likely to be a career diplomat by the name of Nigel Baker. Damian is unimpressed. But I think his holiness may well be quite chuffed.

Nigel was born in Birmingham. The Pope quite likes Birmingham as the city is associated with Cardinal Newman and the Pope visited Cofton Park. Nigel is married to a Slovak, has studied Italian and understands the various ethnic and religious communities in Britain. Plus his interests include mountains, history, good food and drink, various sports, movies, art and sculpture, and good music from jazz to classical. I'd say he was cut out for the Pope. Ann Widdecombe may tax his good nature a tad. Mr.Thompson needs a rethink.


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