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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Freesat coming soon!

The BBC and ITV have joined forces to introduce a new satellite service called Freesat. The idea of this is because the government is wanting to switch off the analogue TV signals, region-by-region, by 2012. This is the system the UK currently operates through the mast transmitting system.

Freesat will compete with Sky and cable for viewers. One interesting point is that the existing Freeview service, using the mast system, cannot provide more channels than it is currently doing and 25% of UK homes cannot get the signal anyway. Satellite offers greater channel choice and coverage.

Another thing to emerge from all this is that widescreen TV is apparently more expensive to transmit than 4:3 ratio. This would suggest why so many channels are currently transmitting programmes made in widescreen format in a weird variety of settings based on 4:3! Come on, let's have the real thing!


Sky are beginning broadcasts of HDTV next year, this will be the holy grail of broadcasting - TV in resolutions so deep you could watch them full screen on your computer monitor.

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