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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy St George's Day!!

Today is St George's Day, a day of celebration for the English and England. This Palestinian holy man, who was tortured for his beliefs and decapitated thereby becoming a martyr saint, is a proper person to be the patron of the English.

However much we want to celebrate, the likes of the BBC can't help themselves in dumming down this day. I've just heard the Radio 4 Sunday service where a smooth-talking cleric insisted on talking about Britishness and regailing us with ALL the saints of these islands, as if to mention St. George only would be tantamount to giving houseroom to shaven-headed fascists! He said the word "Britishness" more than twenty times!

What are they afraid of? The Scots can celebrate Burns night, St. Andrew's Day, and Hogmanay. So to with the Welsh and their days, and, well, St.Patrick would be overwhelmed with all the marches, parades and whoopees on his day!! The BBC stamps down on St. George and lets the dragon of self-righteous high-minded "we know best" trample the country.

I for one do not think it is in anyway exclusive to be a celebrating Englishman on St. George's Day. Let us be ourselves and be proud of our tolerance, democracy and freedoms.

One thing I did agree with was when the Radio 4 cleric suggested that St. Aidan could be the patron saint for the United Kingdom. Good idea. A separate British day on August 31st (St. Aidan's feast day) would be both fitting for our Christian heritage and help put right the dearth of public rest days.

Happy St. George's Day!


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