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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Tongue in cheek, I've been conducting a poll on cooking eggs. The Food Standards Agency put up a spokesperson recently to say that fried eggs should resemble a vulcanised rubber object, that is cooked vigorously until all semblance of softness was removed. I'm glad to say nobody welcomes such a frightful delicacy.

Fried - Sunny Side Up (15) (36.6%)
Fried - Easy Over
Scrambled (6)(14.6%)
Omelette (4)(9.8%)
Poached (3)
Baked (2)(4.9%)
Lightly boiled (2)(4.9%)
Hard boiled
Fried for an hour! Diddly-Squat!!!! (0%)

The FSA recommends that eggs should "be cooked thoroughly" so implying here,and stating in interviews, that soft-boiled eggs and fried eggs with soft yolks are not safe. They cannot guarantee that an egg will be salmonella free. But the real culprit is not the hen and the egg but the filthy conditions of some kitchens that we have to endure in this country. Gordon Ramsay knows that all too well with his KitchenNightmares series. What a "f****** good" programme that is, Gordon! Perhapsthe FSA could sort out the people in the kitchens rather than the eggs? Then we might get some action. Eggsactly as it should be!


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