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Monday, June 06, 2011

Wayne Rooney's wig - er, hair transplant

Rooney's new hairline
Wayne Rooney is to get a hair transplant or a stylish new wig apparently. He is fed up with his bonce being mocked by his team mates. He may have a few problems but lack of hair is not one of them, surely? He'll look a proper nana with a syrup or a hair weave or whatever. Total waste of money. Elton John's tried all manner of tonsorial tosh on his head and it's not improved things much. Bruce Forsyth has only just got his wig looking normal. The late great Reginald Truscott-Jones aka Ray Milland went wig crazy until someone told him he'd get better parts without a moving hairpeice.

I hope Rooney's brains aren't just in his feet. A wig indeed! Can't he just be man enough to say he's bald. I went bald as did my father. I can't be bothered about wigs and all that stuff. But, if he wants to waste his money, who am I to say nay.

The Sun nearly three years ago about Rooney's baldness. And for the worst toupee ever.


i like roonay's decision...

Well, if you've got enough money to do it then I guess you might as well! All that blood will no doubt be gone in a few weeks anyway - if all goes according to plan!

i am really happy to know about Wayne Rooney to restoring his hairs...

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1st November.
Shhh, keep it to yourself?? This isn't a transplant, but clearly a Graeme Souness, Elton John style hair piece. It's a good one and damn expensive, but still a WIG!!

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