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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"On policy, we win"

Tony Blair is moving into the Twilight Zone. After 10 years of subterfuge, spinning, and the sexing-up of dossiers and documents, we are gradually moving to the end game. David Cameron thinks Blair is leading a "government of the living dead" and Blair retorts not to get "cocky". It seems they have a lot in common, although I would suggest that Cameron is not a natural truth-bender. Blair's achievements (Northern Ireland is the main one!) pale into the shadows of his failures (Iraq, NHS, Crime, Schools, etc) where vast sums of money have been placed on some kind of fantastical merry-go-round, where shining new hospitals sit side by side with bankrupt medical facilities.

Blair says it is "on policy, we win". I say to that, bring it on. We all know where his policies have got us. We are living on borrowed time. The two time-bombs in the Downing Street garden are house inflation and pension misery. I saw Sir Alan Budd, a former Monetary Policy Committee member, on BBC's Working Lunch and he said that the MPC had not realised house inflation would be so great. So you don't need much in the way of financial insight to advise the Chancellor, then?

It amazes me how much the people at the top get away with arrant nonsense. I think Gordon Brown should step aside for Alan Sugar. Sugar should bring the members of the Cabinet together and give them a grilling. "What was you all thinking about? As far as I can see you're all a complete mess. Unless something really radical happens, you're ALL FIRED!"


"Blair's achievements (Northern Ireland is the main one!)" now hang on, John Major started the ball rolling, and Mo Mowlam played a massive part in the peace process. Blair obviously contributed, but he was solely responsible for taking the UK into Iraq

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